Wednesday, July 1, 2009

College in Semester 2

        This blog was created for me for the purpose o pass time..... so now I just write something about my college life, well....... the people i see its the same, Kent, Jeffery , the MCA gang, God bless them that they manage to get through the final exam for semester 1 * 90 degree bows for those who manage to get to semester 2.

      However, in this semester, I was told that both January intake & march intake will be combined together for this semester. First of all, it just kinda exciting for me to get to know people from the January intake. *P.S. I'm sorry to tell dat I know myself dat I not really a good socialize with people and mostly my friends are those who speak the same language with me. And if you wanna to know those who speak the same language with me are those who are PSP players, sad to know dat I not a good communicator *although I myself is studying Mass Communication* so that I must get better in my personal communication skill so dat i won't make a fool out of myself next time......

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