Thursday, August 20, 2009

random post....

here i am..... with my blog,

currently i in computer lab 3 in block B1, waiting for Sir Edward to come in d class, although the class is 10 morning, but seems dat he is late for almost 5 minutes already.... guess i juz have to keep waiting as i don't really wan to miss any of his class.

By the way, i meet my foundation friends in media hub juz now, Azhar, Nick, Suzuki, & Mich L, according to them, they are having another presentation later in d class. But for your info, their class is at 1 afternoon, and now still wat time huh.........10.06 morning O_O whoa! dats hell lot of time for them to prepare & practice their presentation.

opps, sir is here, guess i have to blog next time only ba, (oh, forgot one thing, i meet John on my way out from d media hub) :D

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