Sunday, March 7, 2010

Well.... kinda...its done :D

Alright then... from what I started to build...., it can be consider done, but... my perfectionist instinct just won't give in so that I take more time than usual for me to build it

But before that, I would like to introduce my new tools that I just bought, its a mechanical pencil that uses a 0.3 millimeter pencil lead, its very difficult to use...and I still prefer to use my old tools that I used to it :D

The tools that I used for this time of building my Blue Frame model, very much tools that I used :P

But before that, I have to find the tools but...... to find them in this bulk of boxes.... imagine I have to go through all these boxes to find my tools....

When I finally find all my tools, I start my work ASAP :)

There are several customization I made during the building process, some are include

instead of using stickers, I use some of my tape tools and marker to colour it

and I cut the fingers of the model so all 5 fingers are move able :D *I nearly cut my finger instead of cutting that model's finger =.=*

And since I don't have green colour marker for the head unit, I decide to use RED colour

And its done, Finally :D, it takes me 12 1/2 hours to build it

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