Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Current Game

The current game that I been playing is Monster Hunter 3 Portable (PSP) and Killzone 2 (PS3)

Monster Hunter 3 Portable can be consider a sequel from 2G, from what I know, there's been many changes in Monster Hunter 3, from 1 felyne, you can now bring 2. Instead of felyne Kitchen, you have a Spa now.

But there is one thing that I notice in the Village Quest, the monsters are relatively weakened from the previous Monster Hunter 2G, the first boss that I fight with, I killed it after less then 10 minutes, compared to the previous Monster Hunter 2G

For Killzone 2, it was a great game, I played Killzone: Liberation in PSP, and for those PS3 owners, if you are a fan of First Person Shooter game, this is a must have game for the FPS fans
The online gaming was great, as you raise your military ranks, you will unlock more weapons and jobs with special abilities in the online server. Currently, my ranking is Master Sargent and I have unlock Medic job.

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